Artist of the month for Selma Art Guild encourages students to use art to think outside of the box

Selma Art Guild Artist of the Month for February and Black History Month Carey Fountain, left, with Selma artist Charlie “Tin Man” Lucas. In the background is one of Fountain’s works of art, which are about perceptions and truths. Photo by Fred Guarino.
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By Fred Guarino | Selma Sun Staff 

“Perception is powerful,”saidCary Fountain,Selma Art Guild Artist of the Monthfor February and Black History Month. 

 “One individual can see red,and another can see burgundy. One individual can feel cold and uncomfortable,and another can feel at complete bliss in the same environment,” Fountain said.“As humans, I think we often rely too much on what we perceive as real without taking into account how many unreal things shape what we consider reality.”  

A reception was heldin Fountain’shonor on Feb. 2 at the Selma Art Guild Gallerylocated at 508 Selma Ave.His work will be on display throughout the month.

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