Column: Congratulations class of 2020

Avis Williams.
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At the start of the school year, I remember speaking to senior scholars and parents about their hopes and needs to make this year their best. The senior year is certainly a busy one as they engage in applying for scholarships, preparing for prom, studying a lot and maybe partying even more. They are seniors after all and they have anxiously awaited this time for so many years. 

Then life happened. 

No one could have ever predicted that our school year would conclude remotely, yet here we are. Although this is far from ideal, our scholars must be celebrated, and I want them to know that I am super proud of them. I also want them to know that this time will not define their future. 

Many of our current seniors were born around another transcending time for our country.  Referred to as 9-11, events in September of 2001 changed our country forever. Do you remember when you could park your car, and leave it, in front of the airport and take full size shampoo in your carry-on luggage? 

What I want our seniors to know is that they are resilient, and they are trailblazers. At this pivotal time in our nation and the world, they have unimaginable opportunities. With the right support and true grit, there is no limit to their potential.   

But they should not have to do this alone. 

As a community, let’s band together and provide the support and encouragement that these young people need. Here are a few ways that we can help. 

Selma High School has a strong social media presence. Give our seniors a virtual shout out. If you are a friend or family member, make it personal and share a memorable picture, describe what you love about them or better yet, cash app them a gift. 

Senior parents may need some uplifting also. If you are the parent of a recent graduate, be a listening ear. Share any advice that worked well for you and your child. 

Some needs may be more basic. Many families in our community need transportation.  Help out if you can. Others may need input on completing a job application. Help if you can. 

Let’s not allow social distancing to make our seniors feel isolated or alone. We are a strong community and these scholars are our future and they are our now. Their young lives have been impacted greatly by our current events. Let’s be the village that they need and show them some love. Look for details soon about the Selma Saints graduation. Congratulations Class of 2020! 

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