Cornerstone Presbyterian Church gives out 10K pounds of food to 550 families

About 20 Cornerstone Presbyterian Church members helped distribute food to the cars as they came through the parking lot.
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Cornerstone Presbyterian Church hosted their first food distribution to assist with the COVID-19 pandemic in their parking lot last week with items from the Selma Area Food Bank.

The church estimates they gave out 10,301 pounds of food to about 550 families.

Church member and organizer Kent Woodruff said the food arrived at 7 a.m. June 18 at the church on Broad Street and about 20 volunteers filled up cars from 8:30 until nearly 11 a.m.

Robert Radford, who works for the church, oversaw the exchange of food with Selma Area Food Bank and restocked the items as they ran out.

The basic boxes of fruit, vegetables, potatoes, grapes, lettuce, tomatoes, eggs, cucumbers, coffee and more went fast. They were left with gallons of milk and apples to hand out.

Woodruff said the Food Bank thought Cornerstone would be a good location being in the center of downtown, and they found that to be true with the response of about 300 cars coming through.

Selma Police helped with traffic and Lt. Evelyn Ghant helped put items in cars.