Dallas County Courthouse to close indefinitely on April 1

Dallas County Courthouse.
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The Dallas County Courthouse will close indefinitely on April 1 due to the continuing crisis caused by the outbreak of coronavirus or COVID-19.

Although the building will be closed to the public, staff will remain to take phone calls and assist with online services. The Tax Collector’s office will continue to operate until April 6 at 4:30 p.m.

“We are requesting all citizens to observe the public health agencies’ recommendations
to practice social distancing and self-isolation in an effort to slow the spread of
the pandemic,” said Judge Jimmy L. Nunn in a news release. “The intent is to assist healthcare providers in keeping the number of those experiencing severe symptoms at a manageable level.”

The news release also stated that the Department of Revenue has extended the grace period for the renewal of vehicles for March 2020. Late fees due during March will not be accessed until April 16.

See below for a list of online services by the courthouse:

Tag Renewal: www.dallascountyproperty-tags.com.

Driver’s Licenses: can be renewed online at www.alea.gov.

Hunting/Fishing Licenses: www.outdooralabama.com or call 334-876-4829 to obtain additional information.

Land and Probate Records: www.syscononline.com/remote. Title searchers, abstractors, or attorneys, etc. in need of in-person searches can call 334-874-2516.

Recording or Probate court filings: The news release noted that attorneys can call for appointments or mail recordings to Probate Court at P.O. Box 987, Selma, Alabama 36702. For more information, call Probate Recording at 334-874-2516 or 334-876-4830.

Property Taxes: To pay taxes on line and/or property searches, visit www.dallascountyproperty-tags.com. For more information, call 334-874-2519.

Marriage Certificates – www.alabamapublichealth.gov. Record in Probate for $75.