Edmundite Missions offers grab and go meals and breakfast for school children during coronavirus pandemic

Edmundite Missions offering grab and go meals during coronavirus pandemic.
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Edmundite Missions continues to serve those in need with entirely grab and go meals and grab and go breakfast for school children during coronavirus pandemic.

“The Missions is committed to continuing and expanding our services during this pandemic while keeping the health of our clients and staff as our top priority,” said Chad McEachern, president and CEO. “Adding grab and go breakfast meals and to-go options through Bosco is just one way we respond to the needs of our neighbors right now.”

McEachern said, “When you hear about children missing meals and the potential for people to not be able to pay their utility bills due to missed work, for those we serve that is a daily trial regardless of the current crisis. We will never abandon those entrusted to our care and continue strive to turn our service into solutions that lift our neighbors out of poverty.”

McEachern said, “The Edmundite Missions has an 80 plus year history of service to those in need. Rising rivers, economic troubles, and even global pandemics are all things the Missions has seen before and none will prevent the Missions from serving those entrusted to our care.”

He said, “During this time, the health and safety of our clients and staff are of the utmost importance. We will do whatever is possible to help “flatten the curve” per the CDC’s recommendation, practicing social distancing while still ensuring the highest level of service possible.”

According to McEachern, all meals at the Bosco Nutrition Center are open to any who want them. While the breakfasts were designed with school children in mind in light of the school closure no one will be denied.

At the present time, however, no one can come into or dine inside the Bosco Nutrition Center. Meals are given in a to-go format out of the front door with only one client being served at a time to maintain social distancing.

Also, a result of the governor’s announcement regarding school closures at her March 26 press conference the Missions will make an announcement when a decision has been reached regarding the opening of the Dr. Michael and Catherine Bullock Community Center.

McEachern also announced:

All educational programs throughout the Missions, including the New Possibilities Youth Program and The Academy, are suspended until further notice.

All senior activity programs throughout the Missions are suspended until further notice.

The Bosco Nutrition Center will offer grab and go meals at lunch and dinner. In order to ensure our children can achieve proper nutrition during the unexpected school closure, The Bosco Nutrition Center will be offering grab and go breakfast meals for any who are in need. The breakfast bags will be available Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 9:30 a.m. and continuing until the schools reopen.

Staff travel outside of the Blackbelt region will be curtailed as much as possible without hampering the critical role of the Missions.

Any offices or ministries not listed here will continue to operate per our normal hours.

Anyone in need of emergency assistance, please call Catholic Social Ministries at 334.872.4213. This mailbox is monitored after hours.