Edmundites deliver school supplies to four Selma City Schools

From left, Edmundite staff members Danielle Stevenson and Phyllis McCullough on Thursday, Jan. 30th placed backpacks on first graders Azaria Holiday and Travion Olds at Sophia B. Kingston Elementary School. The school supplies are a donation from Edmundite Missions to the students of the school.
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On Thursday and Friday, Jan. 30-31 Edmundite Missions President and C.E.O. Chad McEachern and other staff members delivered bags loaded with school supplies to every child enrolled at four Selma schools.
On Thursday the Missions made donations at Payne Elementary School from 10 – 11 a.m.; Sophia B. Kingston Elementary School from 1 – 2 p.m.; and School of Discovery from 2:30 – 4 p.m. Then on Friday, they made donations at Clark Elementary School from 1 – 2 p.m.
Joe O’Quinn, Edmundite Missions director of communications, said the Missions began delivering school supplies in January after conversations with local educators and administrators.
Edmundite Missions CEO Chad McEachern said, “We formerly held our school supply event in August like many other organizations.” However, he said, “What I heard from teachers and principals alike is that while the support at the start of the year is great, by January the classrooms are barren. We’ve delivered these bags to classrooms that didn’t have a single sheet of notebook paper left before we arrived.”
O’Quinn said the school supply bags try to address the needs identified by the teachers and administrators. “This year’s bags will include: crayons, construction paper, jumbo pencils, hand sanitizer, tissues, and glue sticks for the Pre-K students and crayons, pencils, composition notebooks, wide ruled paper, tissues, and hand sanitizer for the K-5 students. Both groups’ supplies come in Edmundite Missions branded cinch backpacks,” O’Quinn said.

Edmundite Missions staff member Heidi O’Quinn helps first grader Gabrielle Smith show off her new backpack at Sophia B. Kingston Elementary School.
Edmundite straff memer Jackie Flagg fits fifth grader D’andreHamner with a new backpack at Sophia B. Kingston Elementary School.