Landon Nichols announces plans to run for City Council Ward 2 seat

Landon Nichols, a Selma native, is running for City Council Ward 2 seat.
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Selma native Landon Nichols has announced plans to run for Selma City Council Ward 2 seat.

Nichols is a graduate of Meadowview Christian School and has a master’s degree in public administration from The University of Alabama.

After graduation, Nichols came back to Selma to work as the Destination/Marketing Coordinator for the Chamber of Commerce. Since then, he has run statewide political campaigns and now leads advocacy & governmental affairs efforts for Medical Advocacy & Outreach, a Montgomery-headquartered nonprofit clinic serving 28 counties, including Dallas, according to a press release.

In launching his campaign, Nichols stated in the release, “I believe Selma’s future is bright. I believe in our collective capacity to learn, to love, and to grow. I believe that if we work together, we can ensure our neighborhoods are safe, we can invest in infrastructure to lay the foundation for future growth, we can walk together in harmony thanks to God’s healing grace, we can craft responsible budgets, and we can build a community where every citizen is actively engaged and has their voice heard.”

Nichols said his top priority for the Selma City Council is a focus on fundamentals. “Above all else, Selma needs ethical leaders willing to make tough decisions that maximize limited city revenues. The inflection point at which we find ourselves demands innovative elected officials, with a cooperative and compassionate approach to leadership, who are focused not just on what’s now, but also on what comes next,” he said in the press release.

During his time at the Chamber, Nichols led the redesign of the nationally recognized 2017 Find it Local Guide.

“I am clear-eyed about the challenges we face as a community, and after much prayerful consideration, I feel called to offer myself for service. On August 25, I humbly ask for your support,” said Nichols in the prepared statement. “I can’t promise you that we will agree on every issue, but I am committed to listening and working alongside you with honesty, transparency, and accountability. Let’s go build a better Selma. Together.”