Longtime City Councilwoman Susan Youngblood not running for re-election

Susan Youngblood, longtime City Council member, is not seeking re-election.
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Susan Youngblood, who has held three terms and served 12 years representing Ward 2 on the Selma City Council, said Tuesday she is not running for re-election.

In a statement, she said it’s time to serve Selma in other ways.

“I plan to work with various agencies as well as the city in revitalizing and developing the plethora of potential that has long been pushed aside,” she said. “If we learned nothing by recent elections, we should have learned that people are tired of business as usual. They are tired of the faces they have seen at the same tables making the same decisions.”

She said her time has been constructive, but it is time to do things differently.

“It’s time to get out of the way and let younger, smarter, progressive minds work,” Youngblood said. “In 2021, I hope we see an organized council, working with a mayor, both entities who love Selma and her people more than they love being ‘right’ or winning some impasse. Above all else, I hope to see people who understand, and value, knowing their role, staying in their lane, and advancing our town.”

So far, the only candidate announcing a run for Ward 2 is Landon Nichols, former Destination/Marketing Coordinator for the Selma-Dallas County Chamber of Commerce who now leads advocacy & governmental affairs efforts for Medical Advocacy & Outreach, a Montgomery-headquartered nonprofit clinic that serves 28 counties, including Dallas.