Morgan’s Cargill signs to play football for Huntingdon College

With his parents Tina and Ray Cargill at his side and Morgan head football coach Josh Thacker, left, and Morgan Headmaster Mark Knight, right, behind him, Ethan Cargill signed a scholarship to play football for Huntingdon College at the Morgan Academy gym on Tuesday, March 10.
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By Fred Guarino
The Selma Sun
Ethan Cargill, a 6’3 200 lbs. senior at Morgan Academy signed a scholarship to play football for Huntingdon College, where he plans to major in physical therapy, on Tuesday, March 10.
The son of Tina and Ray Cargill, Ethan, who played defensive end, defensive tackle, on the offensive line, wherever his team needed him, said it is an honor for him to be able to play college ball. He said he’s played football his whole life, and this is a great opportunity for him to continue his football career.
Ethan said he loved Huntingdon and its coaching staff, and he said there is “a family atmosphere” there.
Ethan’s mother Tina said, “I’m extremely excited for him because that’s what his dream was. I’m extremely excited for us because they (Huntingdon) really focus on academics and what he’s getting is academic.”
Morgan Academy headmaster Mark Knight said, “I’m very proud of Ethan… The last two years of football, he played every game. He played hurt, played different positions and where his coach needed him, he went there. He didn’t ask any questions… That’s just another testament that if you work hard guys, ladies, you can get whatever you want… You’ve got have your grades in order, a good work ethic, you can get there… He deserves what he’s getting.”
Morgan Academy head football coach Josh Thacker said when Ethan played junior varsity ball, he played all year on a broken ankle. He said Ethan “was kind of an Iron Man for us.” He said, “He never came off the field. He played every second of every snap, special teams, offense, defense.”
Thacker continued, “That just says a lot about Ethan, what kind of young man he is, his character. He never complained. He played sick. He played hurt. Anytime you get to honor a young man like Ethan in a signing like today, we’re excited for him.”
Thacker said while everyone today has a Division 1 mentality, great sports are played at every level. He said, “Huntingdon has a fantastic football team. We are excited for Ethan and his family and we thank him for everything he’s done before leaving.”