People's Choice Awards Bloody Sunday exhibit

Image from the University of Auburn's website. 

An exhibit themed around Bloody Sunday won the People's Choice Award during the 2022 ACCelerate Festival at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History in Washington, D.C.

The project was spearheaded by professors from Auburn University and the Georgia Institute of Technology and is titled "Walking in the Footsteps of History." 

The exhibit features videos and pictures of the marches that took place in 1965, interactive kiosks, a 3D model of Selma and a "virtual reality experience for visitors to experience three key moments in the voting rights movement of 1965."

Georgia Tech Assistant Professor Danielle Willkens was one of those involved, along with Junshan Liu, the Bob Aderholdt Endowed Associate Professor, McWhorter School of Building Science, Georgia Tech’s Willkens and Georgia Tech students Thomas Bray, Sydnee Henry, Sean Li, Sakshi Nanda, So Min Park, Patricia Rangel, Christian Waweru and Eden Wright.

Others were Auburn’s Richard Burt, McWhorter Endowed Chair and school head, McWhorter School of Building Science; Keith Hébert, associate professor, Department of History; and Elijah Gaddis, assistant professor, Department of History; and CADC students Collin Brown, Adam Davis, Madeline Gibbs and Sarah Page.

“This exhibit at the National Museum of American History was a pinnacle point of years of close collaboration between faculty of Auburn University and Georgia Tech,” Liu said on AU's site.

“Dr. Willkens has been a leading force and one of the main facilitators for research centered on the civil rights event in Selma, Alabama. From a researcher’s point of view, the award we received at the ACCelerate Festival [voted by the visitors] and the feedback from the audience are an approval of effectiveness of using the state-of-art technological tools to improve interpretation of history to the public.”

The exhibit is currently on display at the Georgia Tech School of Architecture. 

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