BOUNDLESS art exhibit

Jamele Wright, Sr. (American, born 1970), Roberta’s Song, 2022, mixed media with Georgia red clay on Dutch wax cloth and found wood, photograph by Nick Drollette Photography.

A new art exhibit, titled "BOUNDLESS", will open tomorrow at the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts (MMFA). 

BOUNDLESS features the work of six artists throughout the United States: 

Lillian Blades from Atlanta, Georgia; Ashley V. Blalock from El Cajon, California; Dave Eppley, from New Paltz, New York; Olga Lah from Long Beach, California; Melissa Vandenberg from Richmond, Kentucky; and Jamele Wright, Sr., from Decatur, Georgia.

"Everyday" items are used for each piece to explore themes of memory, identity, consumerism, and notions of home, said a press release from MMFA. 

“We urge you to accept these artists’ invitations to explore and celebrate boundlessness, the unbridled nature of imagination," said MMFA Director Angie Dodson.

"In doing so, a memory of a past experience might return to you; perhaps your sense of wonder from childhood will be stirred; you may be able to solve a long-stuck problem. Encounters with creativity and creatives can do that for us...when we let them.”

The exhibit opens at 5:30 p.m. and will be on display until Feb. 26, 2023. 

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