Selma City Council Public Safety Committee sets new coronavirus rules in meeting Monday

Vaughan Regional Medical Center CEO David McCormick speaks at the Selma City Council's Public Safety Committee meeting Monday. With him are infectious disease specialists Jackie Moltrie and Jennifer Talbert.
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The Selma City Council Public Safety Committee met in a special meeting Monday to respond to the Coronavirus pandemic and to outline measures to help prevent the virus from spreading.

Council President Corey Bowie said even though the federal and state governments have handed down recommendations, it is important that the council address what to do locally. Bowie listed the measures the council will take which include:

  • A soft closure of City Hall, limiting the time employees are at work and limiting public access.
  • Suspension of rentals on all public buildings.
  • Cancellation of the March 23 Council Work Session and the March 24 Council meeting which will resume April 13 and 14.
  • Appropriation of two code enforcement officers to be sure garbage is cleaned up around town.
  • Contract a company to disinfect public buildings.
  • Have public service announcement reminding people of preventative measures run on local radio stations.

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