Selma High basketball standout Rodericka Parker wins full scholarship to Mississippi school

Rodericka Parker, 17, wipes away a tear after a short, emotional speech. She is flanked by her parents, father Roderick Parker, right, and mother Tarneisha Ervin and her little sister, Rodneisha Parker, 12. Also coaches stand behind her.
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Selma High School basketball standout Rodericka Parker signed to accept a full scholarship to Mississippi Delta Community College during a ceremony on June 18 in the gym where she made a name for herself on the court for four years.

Surrounded by her family and coaches, Parker made the decision to go to the community college official. In a tearful speech, she thanked her coaches and said she “went where my heart took me.”

“I worked hard for this,” she added before choking up and having to hand over the microphone to Athletic Director Katasha Turner.

Turner said he has “a soul of a champion” and they hope to have more girls basketball scholarships next year.

Parker also received a $500 scholarship – the first recipient of this new scholarship – given in honor of Coach Anthony Harris.

Head basketball coach Willie Morgan said he came to Selma High for this school year partly because he saw that she had one more year to play before graduating.

“They had a decent program before I came, but it made the decision easier to come home when I saw that 22 had another year to play,” he said.

Morgan described Parker as humble, quiet and “sneaky, but a leader at the same time.”

“She’s a leader in disguise,” he added. “She would just look at the girls and they would know what she wanted them to do.”