Selma Mayor Melton releases 2020 financial report, lists projects in the works

Riverside Park improvements have been part of previous projects and future projects in Selma's budget.
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Selma Mayor Darrio Melton released a financial report for 2020 on Tuesday that shows a mostly flat performance in 2019 over 2018.

But he also lists major projects that have been done since 2017 and are ongoing or approaching for 2020 that could grow Selma’s economy.

To read more about the financial report, see the Selma Sun’s Jan. 16 print edition. Subscribe here.

Here are the projects listed as ongoing or coming in 2020:

Construct Splash Pad on the Riverfront

Repair Cave-in at Riverfront Park – $110K

Barrett Road Drainage Project Ward 1 – $560K

Constructed 96 seat theatre in Interpretative Centre – $2M

Replace Storm Drain covers in Ward 3 – $24K

Construct Boardwalk on River – $1M

Resurface downtown streets – $550K

Developed and Engineered Comprehensive Plan for New Municipal Complex ($7.5M)

1 Giga Byte City – Downtown with future expansion city and county wide

Corp of Engineers Study of Riverfront Erosion – $3M

Brownfield Grant – $300,000

Construct three additional retail/commercial sites on Highland Avenue

Partnership with Selma Housing Authority – New Housing

Construction Lincoln and the Lodges

Design Alabama Mayor’s Grant

Bridge to the Future Infrastructure 5 Year Comprehensive Plan (City-wide sidewalks, street repaved, storm drains)

Partnered with State and Federal Agencies to Reduce Violent Crime (WEED & SEED)

Major projects between 2017-2019:

City wide LED Lighting

Repaving, Resurfacing, and Re-stripping of Broad Street

Repaving, Resurfacing and Re-stripping of Summerfield – ATRIP $1.3 Million

Repaving, Resurfacing, and Re-stripping of Citizen Parkway

Installing of new sidewalks on Summerfield, Broad Street, and Dallas Avenue – $800,000

Repairing Cave in on Crescent Hill and restoring street

Repairing Cave-in on Mabry Street and restoring street

Repairing Cave-in on Oak Street and restoring street

Repairing Cave-in on Fourth Avenue and restoring street

Repairing Cave-in on Water Avenue and restoring street

Purchasing 5 New Trash Trucks – $850,000

Developing two new dumping cells in the landfill

Street Scape Project on Water Avenue -$500,000

Sold St. James Hotel to Rhaglan Hospitality

Acquire $1 Million Dollars for Board Walk on the Riverfront

Acquired property for restrooms downtown

FEMA Riverfront Slope Tunnel Reconstruction – $185,000

Corp of Engineers Study of Riverfront Erosion – $3 Million

Brownfield Grant – $300,000

Partnered with Businesses to receive over $200,000 USDA Business Grants

Restored AmeriCorps Program Annual investment of over $2.4M

Acquired FEMA Fire Truck Grant – $150,000

Repaired Sewer in Wards 3,5,6 – $4.2 Million

Repaired Storm Water Drains – $450,000

Disney Tennis Court Grant to restore Memorial Stadium Tennis Court – $45,000

Delta Regional Authority Interpretative Centre – $300,000