Selma one of six cities in the country chosen to display virtual art piece

National artist Nancy Baker Cahill created a virtual art piece in six cities with liberty as its background, including Selma. It can be seen at Songs of Selma Park. Photo by Columbus Mitchell, courtesy of Art Production Fund.
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Selma is one of six cities in the nation to host a virtual art piece made in honor of historic importance to cities that played an important role in establishing liberty. 

On July 4, artist Nancy Baker Cahill unveiled “Liberty Bell,” a new public art project that uses augmented reality in Selma, Philadelphia, Boston, Washington, D.C., Charleston, S.C., and Rockaway, NY. It will be on display for a year. 

Selma’s art piece is visible at the foot of the Edmund Pettus Bridge at Songs of Selma Park and is located there to honor Selma’s role in fighting for Democracy and voting rights.

Liberty Bell is commissioned by Art Production Fund, in partnership with 7G Foundation and the Jamaica Bay-Rockaway Parks Conservancy.

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