Selma YMCA leaders work to bring it back to financial health

At far right, new Interim Selma YMCA CEO Glenn Haley is joined from far left by Selma Y Board Members John Treherne, Jeannie Evans, Danielle Wooten and Selma YMCA Board Chairman Juanda Maxwell. Photo by Fred Guarino.
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The Selma YMCA has a new interim CEO who is intent on getting the organization out of the deep end of the pool.

Glenn Haley said he was recruited to come to Selma “to support its Y as it goes through its transition from financial crisis to financial stability to financial health.”

He said he has been brought in to get the Selma Y financially stable because, he said, “This is worth saving. This community deserves a Y, and I am committed to make sure it has a Y.”

“The holder of the new [bank] note has assured us [the Selma YMCA Board of Directors] they are going to work with us in an affirmative way to resolve our debt and reduce it even further,” Haley said. “We know now that we can manage our way forward for the foreseeable future, that this Y is going to be open, without question.”

Selma YMCA Board Chairman Juanda Maxwell said, “We are very appreciative of Y-USA bringing us someone of his expertise in working with banks and working with Ys that have challenges. And he has come in working 24-7.”

Haley said in his 40-year career with the YMCA he had experience working with “troubled and difficult Ys” and “troubled and difficult communities.”