Super Tuesday Primaries: Winners and losers in Dallas County

Photo from Wikipedia.
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As Super Tuesday came to a close last night, votes were tallied up to determine the nominees for the upcoming presidential and senate elections in November.

In the senate race, several candidates for the republican nomination ran while current senator Doug Jones, a democrat from Fairfield, Alabama, is running unopposed.

The republican candidates were: former senator and U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, U.S. Rep. Bradley Byrne (AL-1), former Auburn coach Tommy Tuberville, former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore, U.S. Rep. Arnold Mooney (AL-43), and Ruth Page Nelson, a community activist.

Former Vice President Joe Biden won Alabama with 63.2% of the votes, followed by Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders with 16.6%. Michael Bloomberg garnered 11.6% but suspended his campaign today while Elizabeth Warren was last with 5.8%.

Like all of the other counties in Alabama, Biden had the most votes, leading in Dallas County with 66.9% (6,236 votes) according to the New York Times. Bloomberg had the second most votes with 11.5% (1,070 votes). Sanders followed with 9.6% (897 votes) and Warran was last with 237 votes.

In the senate primary, Sessions led with 36.3% and 358 votes. Tuberville was second with 26.1% and 257 votes. However, the overall state results have forced Sessions and Tuberville into a runoff election on March 31.

Meanwhile, voters in Dallas County determined local government positions. See below for a list of those who were voted to county offices, according to the Alabama Secretary of State’s website:

Tax Collector

Tanika S. Wagner-Neely: 42.00%

Janet Frasier: 37.36%

Kourtnie Nelson: 20.64%


Tax Assessor

Carol Bonner: 67.41%

Weida F. Sheehan: 32.59%


Commission District 1

Connel Towns, Sr.: 50.44%

Valerie Price Reubin: 49.56%


Commission District 2

Michael Steven Irwin: 38.64%

Roy Moore: 25.42%

Vivian L. Rogers: 35.93%


Commission District 3

Curtis Williams: 76.08%

Channie L. Chapman: 23.92%


Commission District 4

Jan M. Justice: 38.25%

Barry L. Allen, Sr.: 15.05%

William Lumpkin: 23.88%

Larry C. Nickles: 21.20%

Jerry Phillps, Sr: 1.62%


Constable, Precinct 0302

Bert A. Scott, Sr.: 76.36%

Faya Rose Toure: 23.64%


Constable, Precinct D18W

Jasper Jerome Bowie: 50%

Khadijah Ishaq: 50%


Constable, Precinct D37E

Lee Anthony Moore, Sr.: 81.30%

KC Bailey: 18.70%


Constable, Precinct D51E

Walter Day: 58.16%

Nicolas C. Douglas: 41.84%