Column: Unprecedented Alabama Republican Party Senate primary runoff set July 14

Paul DeMarco.
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The unprecedented Republican Party Senate Primary Runoff Election to select a challenger to Democrat SenDoug Jones is almost upon us.

The race was rocking along though the primary that narrowed the candidates to former Sen. Jeff Sessions and former Auburn Football Coach Tommy Tuberville when the coronavirus hit the state this spring and disrupted the candidates efforts to capture the Republican nomination.

Though we thought we would have a winner this past March, Gov. Kay Ivey extended the election date almost another three months because of safety concerns related to the pandemic.

And while the coronavirus has not gone away, Sessions and Tuberville’s campaigns have become more visible in the past couple of weeks as we approach the July 14 runoff.

Both candidates have had to try different approaches to campaigning safely and are making their final pitches for votes. Yet, whomever gets the nomination will have to get right back to work  for the long fight leading to the general election in November.

In the meantime, incumbent Democratic Sen. Doug Jones is sitting on an $8 million war chest as he awaits who his Republican challenger will be in the fall.

We live in uncertain times, but what we can say for certain is that once the Republican nominee is selected, this may be the most expensive election in Alabama history.

Paul DeMarco is a former member of the Alabama House of Representatives.