Vaughan Regional shares tips on what to do when having respiratory illness symptoms


There are a number of respiratory-related illnesses with symptoms that are similar to coronavirus but are not. However, in any case those who develop respiratory symptoms should still heed medical advice to ensure the safety of yourself and others.

With one patient testing positive for coronavirus, Vaughan Regional Medical Center advises those showing symptoms of a respiratory illness to follow tips from its preparedness information page.

If the symptoms are mild, the center recommends the following:


  • Stay at home, with the exception of getting medical care. This includes staying away from public areas and public transportation.
  • Treat symptoms appropriately with getting rest, fluids and over-the-counter medication.
  • Isolate yourself from people and animals in the house. The center advises staying in a separate room while symptoms last.
  • Monitor symptoms and seek help if they get progressively worse.
  • Before visiting a medical provider, call ahead to avoid possible spread to others. If you feel that your symptoms are consistent with coronavirus, you should call and describe them to a provider, who can take precautionary steps in their office.

The center warns that if your symptoms are getting worse you should seek immediate care. In the case of medical emergency, call 911 and tell the dispatch agent that your case may possibly be caused by a coronavirus infection.

The Alabama Department of Public Health now has two cases of coronavirus confirmed in Dallas County. The number of cases throughout the state currently stands at 489 with one confirmed death. A page tracking the number of cases can be seen online.